Friday, September 19, 2014

Start a new!

Where have my posts gone?
Well actually I deleted them! Gasp!
Well I felt like I needed to start a new..

After more than a year with very bad fatigue, working part time, trying to complete my diploma in Commercial Arts and looking after my darling 3 year old twins, I feel like now finally my life is getting back on track! Yay! 

It felt like my life was on hiatus for a year! Not a fun hiatus. A bad hiatus, a very, very, bad hiatus! Is there such a thing is a fun hiatus? Because that's the kind I want to be on!

Anyway back to work, back to trying to be a 'fun' mum. And I use that term loosely 'fun' as anyone that is a mum would completely understand why being a 'fun' mum isn't easy. Maybe I am closer to being an tennis umpire as I am always finding myself saying 'quiet please!'

AND back to studying! OMG it is taking a while.. December I should be finished! There it is, I said it! Now its out in the open I better come through and actually complete it!
Do you ever get the feeling your a procrastinator? I do...

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