Thursday, April 16, 2015

Right.. Almost finished my diploma. insert happy face. Im learning all about interactive media and web atm.. so watch this space! Argh I love it.
Sooo.. I might actually have a decent looking page soon and hopefully more time to create. To do what ever I want will be great; instead of having that looming feeling.. Oh i should be studying... which is what I am getting now.. bye

Friday, October 24, 2014

Interactive Media

I thought this was awesome! Interactive media at its best.

Is this what we have to look forward to?


Friday, September 26, 2014

past work

Another quick post.. wow I'm on a roll! As history dictates I will probably not post for a while.. as I tend to be a bit like a bad ski jumper.. All in and then splat, nothing!
I just added another page. Past work I have done. I felt I needed a separate space for old school work and other art I have done. So hopefully I am wrong and I will continue to fill this space! Peace out.

bump in the road

Happy Friday!

I have been going through the folders on my computer and I have started uploading bits and pieces. I have created a new page today: Projects recently completed. This will showcase the projects I have done recently. I also have some art and other items from school I will be randomly uploading as well.
Which reminds me of something I found which was a bit of fun! My first animation! 

Its called The bump in the road. Enjoy! XD

Friday, September 19, 2014

Woolworth's grocery pamphlet

Flashback from 2011. Hand drawn picture for an assignment. I was to design and create a layout for a Woolworth's grocery pamphlet.

Start a new!

Where have my posts gone?
Well actually I deleted them! Gasp!
Well I felt like I needed to start a new..

After more than a year with very bad fatigue, working part time, trying to complete my diploma in Commercial Arts and looking after my darling 3 year old twins, I feel like now finally my life is getting back on track! Yay! 

It felt like my life was on hiatus for a year! Not a fun hiatus. A bad hiatus, a very, very, bad hiatus! Is there such a thing is a fun hiatus? Because that's the kind I want to be on!

Anyway back to work, back to trying to be a 'fun' mum. And I use that term loosely 'fun' as anyone that is a mum would completely understand why being a 'fun' mum isn't easy. Maybe I am closer to being an tennis umpire as I am always finding myself saying 'quiet please!'

AND back to studying! OMG it is taking a while.. December I should be finished! There it is, I said it! Now its out in the open I better come through and actually complete it!
Do you ever get the feeling your a procrastinator? I do...